All images in this series are an edition of 1 of 5. 

For pricing information please contact Peter MacDonald on 0429 703 693 or email

The project documents the flooding of Lake Eyre and Lake Frome in central Australia from 2010 to the present. It explores the textural beauty that is created by the meeting of dry salt, fresh and saline water and the desert. Mostly shot from 10,000 feet the series uses composition and the multiple textures to form seemingly abstract images. All Images in the Salt Lakes Project 2016 are limited to an edition of 5. The others from an exhibition entitled “Lake Eyre – The Long Shot are limited to an edition of 25. All are printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper and are approximately 110 cm wide. For information about the cost, presentation and delivery of these prints please contact Peter MacDonald on or mobile phone 0429 703 693.

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