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I’ve been lucky enough to get one of my images published in the latest edition of SA Life (August 09). It’s a a two-page spread of a photo I took late last year on the Nilpena Dunes, north of Parachilna.

SA Life is a quality publication so the colours from the dunes and the mountain in the background are pretty close to the original.

Nilpena and around Parachilna are well known for spectacular sunsets and they help to get some contrast between each of the dunes and on the ripple effect made by the wind.

The wind pushes the sand around quite a bit so you can come to this area regularly and there’ll usually be something different sculpted each time.

As the sun goes down the richness of colours increases too.

Looking West to East, the ABC Range and Mount Samuel are in the background. If you turned and faced north at this point Mt Deception would be easily seen.

I posted a shot of Mt Deception being drenched by a thunderstorm back in early June.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on being published yet again.

    That pic has just the right colour appeal for moi!