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All images in this series are an edition of 1 of 25.

For pricing information please contact Peter MacDonald on 0429 703 693 or email [email protected].

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In 2010 photographer Peter MacDonald spent five months on and off documenting the flooding of Lake Eyre in central Australia.

Its in an events that occurs only once every 10 to 15 years when flooding rains in the Northern Territory and Queensland drain into the Lake Eyre basin – which covers about one sixth of mainland Australia.

Most of this work involved photographing the Lake at heights which ranged from 150 to 760 metres. While it documented the spectacular event from the first broken banks of the Diamantina and Warburton Rivers to the eventual filling of the the Lake, there wasn’t much time to creatively illustrate the amazing scenes beneath the aircraft.

In 2012 a number of elements came together to enable Peter to capture this amazing landscape in a new and exciting way. Those elements were:
1. The salt water coloured by the growth of algae
2.. Unusually heavy rains in March that covered the lake and surrounding pastoral properties with vast amounts of fresh water.
3. The salt floor of the lake which in some areas had no water on it.
4. The spectacular dunes of the Great Victoria Desert which run up to the shores of the lake.

Shooting from outside the rear door of a light aircraft at 8,500 feet (2,600 metres) Peter was able to selectively compose images and either combined or isolated each of these elements.

Peter has been a long admirer of some of the great aboriginal artists of Australia’s desert country who are able to visualise their land quite accurately from on high and this was another factor in taking a new approach. The Arubunna people are the traditional owners of the land and Kati-thandra is the aboriginal name for Lake Eyre.

All prints of the Lake Eyre images are approximately A1 size ( 84cm wide) but there is an additional 10 cm of the fine art paper around the image which negates the need for a matt border to be included in the framing process.

Each print is limited to 25 copies only and is priced at $1200. Because of the size of the print, it is boxed for delivery by registered mail. Postage and handling is $50 within Australia.