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Some of the finest quality images were created by photographers long before Photoshop and Lightroom, filters, and presets, modern cameras and cellphones.

While technology has moved rapidly forward, today there are still photographers producing fine images mostly because of their understanding of the many components that make for good imagery.

Peter MacDonald has been an image maker for five decades in video and photography.

He has distilled the knowledge he gained over that time into his 3 day workshop that will interest those wanting to produce high standard photography.

Peter’s workshops address the timeless elements needed to improve camera technique coupled with the sound principles of composition, using light, subject and timing.

A master of his craft and dedication to the art of composition sets Peter’s workshops apart from other training courses. Peter has studied elements of classic design adopted by master painters and photographers and applies these teachings to his own work.

The workshops are designed to:

  • Teach participants how to achieve their best with the camera and offer a bank of knowledge to enhance artistic success.
  • Provide background information and technical tips
  • Provide an insight into post production with the emphasis on as little as possible
  • Explore aspects of design, composition and the visual language
  • Offer constructive support and feedback
  • Give participants a number of subjects or exercises they can explore at their leisure
  • Free follow up to help with particular problems

He conducts workshops primarily at his base on Hindmarsh Island south of Adelaide or at Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges

He will work with individuals or groups of up to three. Participants range from raw beginners to very experience international photographers. Dates and locations suitable for both parties are negotiated.

For further workshop Information contact Peter:

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0429 703 693


There is simply no way to not become a better photographer: 5 stars”
— Anthea Paul

The course is well structured, it gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore and achieve different outcomes. Peter’s passion for his work can’t be contained.
— Dave Willson, Clare Valley Tours 0418 832 812

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