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Rain sometimes comes in the nick of time. Arkaroola, in the northern Flinders Ranges hadn’t had a really good rain in 11 years.

They were going to have to truck water in, the situation was so bad. But just two day from that decision the heavens opened up.

The Arkaroola Creek ran for the first time in years filling the beautiful waterholes along the way.

Arkaroola Waterhole is easily accessible to all, but on the days I worked there I was undisturbed.

I swear you could hear the silence, sense some vast ancient presence. It’s no wonder this mystical place is connected to the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

(Google Maps – Arkaroola Village SA)

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  • Anonymous says:

    such spectacular photos. The waterhole certainly looks mystical

  • Lee says:


  • Julia says:

    I saw this photo in the exhibition at Lucia's. It is absolutely beautiful enlarged and framed in the high quality and contempory way that you present your photos.
    Thank you for taking such beautiful photos.