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The Explorer Edward John Eyre in 1840 named Mt. Deception. He was searching for an inland sea but this was as far as he got.

Lack of water and intolerable conditions drove him back.

Now after a decade of drought a passing thunderstorm drenches Mt. Deception in a welcome shower of rain.

Mt. Deception is 20 kilometres south-west of Leigh Creek

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  • Anonymous says:

    stunning photo. Very good title

  • Julia says:

    I also saw this photo in the exhibition at Lucia's. All your photos are of such high standard and they print up so spectacularly as large photos.

  • Rick says:

    Having a sense of how others saw & interpreted the country (Sprigg, Eyre, McDouall Stuart etc) makes such photos all the more enjoyable. Thanks for going that extra yard(s).