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The dunes in this part of the Strzelecki Desert mingle with other interesting landscapes.

This is the Ediacaran area – so called because of the 640 million year old fossils that were discovered here by geologist, Doctor Reg Sprigg in 1946.

At the time they were thought to be the oldest in the world but since then, not much further south, even older ones have been found. Scientists from around the world now study the fossils that have been found in this area which recently has been added to the Commonwealth Heritage Register and is protected.

The rays of the afternoon sun further reveal the magic of the landscape. All the twists and distortions of what was once an ancient seabed and is now a desert make up the foothills of the Flinders.

Looking south from Mount Scott near Leigh Creek with Mount Alec, the highest peak in the Flinders Ranges central on the far horizon.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is so ethereal. It makes you want to reach right into the far distance – the Misty Moutains. I want to go there