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This time of year brings out a different range of colours in contrast to the bolder ones of summer and autumn.

Often its pastels and muted shades and shadows.

Mt Samuel in the ABC Range north of Parachilna in soft hues created by an approaching storm.

Canon 250D. Lens EF28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM. f16 @ 1/15 sec ISO 100, 220 mm

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  • Anonymous says:

    absolutely beautiful. he'd have wanted to be there over summer tho!

  • Anonymous says:

    just beautiful. gvr

  • Malcolm Arnold says:

    I have camped out under the southern sky in the Flinders Ranges since I was 14 ( 51 yrs) I have seen it in drought .I have seen it is flood . I have seen it when grass was as high as a car, and when wildflowers spread in every direction .I have sketched it’s landscape , it’s ancient gum trees , it’s spectacular wildlife .The wedge-tailed eagle and I spent many hours together, exploring it’s ridge tops . I have sat only feet from the eagle at it’s nest sight with two chicks as constant company . I have walked it sandy creek beds .Yes this place and I are one .It’s spirit is My spirit
    In fact my eldest daughter took her very first footsteps in the Brachina creek . How many times have I sat around a campfire , talking of experiences with family and friends . My late mother and father and I experienced so many wonderful times sharing this jewel of mother Nature