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A couple of verses from ‘A Spring Song’, part of the works by C J Dennis in his Songs of the Sentimental Bloke.

While I’ll leave you to enjoy the full poem sometime later, you get the idea the poor bloke is having a few hormone problems.

The young green leaves is shootin’ on the trees,
The air is like a long, cool swig o’ beer,
The bonzer smell o’ flow’rs is on the breeze,
An’ ‘ere’s me, ‘ere,
Jist moochin’ round like some pore, barmy coot,
Of ‘hope, an’ joy, an’ forchin destichoot.

The little winds is stirrin’ in the trees,
Where little birds is chantin’ lovers’ lays;
The music of the sorft an’ barmy breeze…
Aw, spare me days!
If this ‘ere dilly feelin’ doesn’t stop
I’ll lose me block and stouch some flamin’ cop.

The central Flinders Ranges in Spring. Looking north not far off the main road to Blinman with the ABC range in the far background.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed, spring has sprung and the sap is starting to rise.

    CJ is definitely one of the Aussie good guys!

    Fine pictorial representation.