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Simon is a driller working on a massive rig out on the plains east of the Flinders Ranges.

He’s part of a crew drilling deep into the earth’s crust to find hot rock that may one day soon produce vast amounts of environmentally clean electricity.

Simon was a gold miner in Zimbabwe employing 300 people before Mugabe’s regime forced him to leave.

He’s pretty philosophical about it though, saying Australia is a land of milk and honey. Working three air flights from home is OK too. He’ s at the drill site two weeks on and two off.

I’ve just spent a few days photographing at the rig, an ‘Eiffel Tower’ in the middle of nowhere. Pictures of that coming up later.

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  • Alexandra Lamont says:

    Great photo of my husband Simon – he usually looks a little less like an icon of the outback when he comes home! How would I go about buying a copy of your photogrpah? Loved all your other photographs too and your website was so simple and 'clean' – good job!
    Regards Alex.

  • The Sentimental Bloke says:

    Thanks for the comment Alex. If you send me an email using the 'Contact' button up the top on the right hand side, I'll be able to find out what sort of a print you'd like.
    Happy to help.
    Cheers 'TSB'

  • Anonymous says:

    I reckon this guy looks like a classic, in his pensive mood he is no doubt mulling over some deep work related problem.