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If you decide to head out bush you’re likely to come across some outback humor.

Pubs are a good place to find a bit of local fun but this sign cracks me up everytime I see it.

If you can’t read the sign it says ” Accommodation, the Agnew Spread, B & B.

Now Tom has been around the northern Flinders for an awful long time and he’s a bit of a character.

While the hospitality thing may not have endured, he made an art form out of the spare parts business.

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  • I'm a Pom gone walkabout says:

    Met Tom a few times whilst living in Leigh Creek. What a character.


  • Jim Agnew says:

    I met Tom at an Agnew gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada about 20 years ago (1994) and liked him very much. I am truly sorry to hear that he is gone. Love his B&B sign, as I am an old car collector.
    Jim Agnew, Rocklin, California