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An amazing spectacle to come across unexpectedly in the dead of night in remote Outback South Australia.

It’s a giant 54 metre high drill rig that will eventually put a shaft about four kilometres into the earth’s crust.

It’s out near Lake Frome. A vast sum of money is being invested in a project to produce electricity generated by water that’s super-heated from hot rock the drillers hope to find way down there.

If successful, it will be a vast resource of environmentally friendly, renewable energy.

While the drilling goes on 24 hours a day, it’s a landmark that can be seen from afar, night or day.

Sorry about the ‘awful’ heading

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  • The Suit says:

    The heading for this photo may be "awe-ful" but this photo and the next 2 photos are absolutely "awe-some".

    Your phtographic work is inspiring.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mac, this is a fantastic photo……
    Gives me goose-bumps
    Hope they find hot rocks and can produce all that renewable energy