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I posted some photographs about uranium mining in one of my favorite locations in the Flinders Ranges back on Sunday September 20.
To Beautiful to Ruin.

A statement by the South Australian Premier a couple of days ago indicates that his government will only regulate mining in this fantastic area, not ban it.

Being what it is, political speak is a bit hard to understand but phrases like “preserve areas of local heritage and scenic beauty:…..”low impact exploration” and standard exploration and mining access, all in the one statement don’t add up to much in the way of protection.

“The framework clearly provides for ongoing access to areas of high mineral prospectivity” doesn’t mean much long term protection for the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and in particular Mt Gee, seen here with some of the tracks and tanks already quite visible.

Arkaroola, and indeed all of the northern Flinders Ranges is one of Australia’s most rugged tourist, cultural and heritage regions. If they’ll allow this place to be carved up then it’s likely to happen anywhere else too, unless public opinion for a mining ban is strong.