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A carpet of green accentuates the vivid red blooms of wild hops, a common site around Outback South Australia in Spring.

Wild hops is not a native flower. It was introduced into the country in the early to mid 1800s by Afghan camel drivers who came to Australia and provide much needed transport to remote communities, outstations and railway siding through South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Wild hop was used by the Afghan cameleers to pad out their saddlebags and once in Australia the padding that contained the seeds were spread far and wide.

However, unlike something like Salvation Jane or Pattersons Curse as it is sometimes known, wild hops has not become a pest and adds a welcome splash of colour to the landscape, in this case around Mt Scott, near Leigh Creek.

Google Maps Leigh Creek

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  • The Suit says:

    I bought this photo for my conference room. I followed your recommendation to have it printed large and I had it framed as you suggested. It looks fabulous.

    Apart from the fact that it is pleasing to the eye, I chose it because I wanted to instill a sense of tranqulity and peace in the office and it certainly does the job.

    Thanks for the very interesting information about the history of Wild Hops in Australia. I must say that I assumed that they were Australian Natives.

  • Anonymous says:

    What beautiful colour……..amazing. I would love to have this one hanging on my wall too!!