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A painting by artist Bruce Swann caught my eye in his book, Swann’s Australia.

It’s the Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church at Dawson. I’m not familiar with the church, but Dawson is one of those tiny, almost forgotten townships north of Peterborough in South Australia.

The thing that caught my eye was the architecture of the church and it reminded me of St Cecilia’s Catholic church at Cradock which is of similar design, if a little more grand.

It’s astonishing this beautiful building still stands in such an isolated of place. But it was built to withstand the test of time and the workmanship, both inside and out, is meticulous.

St Cecilia’s for a time became the venue for murder mystery nights – a bit of a come down from it’s more holy beginning. Now even the murder mysteries have died off.

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  • Anonymous says:

    What colour these old stones have and so well preserved, so well built and withstanding the sands of times. Thanks for bringing this image to us Peter.

  • jlstacy says:

    Hi Peter, I have only just joined up and reaping the benefits already with new pics. It seems strange to see an architectural shot in your folio. That's what i do day in dusk out, the strength of the tones inspired me to take a few "arty" pics on assignment myself at the Waite Inst. in a similar style. Your pics take me to the Flinders i love when i cant be there, many thanks.
    Lyndon Stacy