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Sometimes a picture can be deceiving, like this one.

I was looking after these horses and some cattle in the northern Flinders Ranges last summer. I just had to make sure the water was OK and feed them a bale of hay every second day.

It’s first light and horses are coming in for the hay.

What the picture isn’t telling you is that it’s the middle of a heat wave. Every day it’s been 50 degrees Celsius and at night it only managed to get as low as 37 degrees.

The golden rays of the morning sun are hiding all that.

These horses are generally pretty frisky. I suppose their demeanor is the only clue.

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  • Anonymous says:

    All your photo's are excellent and make me feel as though I am there, I have been through the flinders a few times, excellent Thank you.

  • Anonymous says:

    The horses look like i feel at the end of a long, hard, hot day. I like the photo