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Sometimes the best views come from the most inaccessible places. The Warraweena Conservation Park in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges has such scenes but not all as hard as this to reach.

Shooting landscapes in summer has its rewards and the photography rule of shooting in the early morning or late afternoon isn’t always true.

This photograph was taken at about 4pm daylight saving time with the temperature around 40C.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Great Pics,

    I am in favour of mining in the Flinders Ranges.

    Not withstanding your obvious affection for this region it must come second to enable the proliferation of the human Race.

    I do applaud your effort to depict the Ranges as they are now! This will be invaluable to some who are fond of such things.

    Current Politicians have forecast a desire for an increase in population-this will require an increase in mineral production.

    Minerals are a resource far greater than tourism of any kind, let alone the bloated, expensive, elitist type that Promoters desire for this region.

    …..but, I do enjoy your pictorial representation of 'now'.

    Well Travelled John..

  • Anonymous says:

    Can't agree with travel John at all……sorry he is wrong wrong wrong!!!!
    As for this lovely photo taken in the middle of the day has captured the rich colours of the rocks without washing out the distant hills etc …well done Peter and keep up the fight for Arkaroola

  • Anonymous says:

    Mining delivers the minerals so that photography in any form is possible.


  • The Suit says:

    To WTJ
    From my reading of earlier blogs, it's apprarent that "the Bloke" is not against mining per se – just not at Arkaroola – for the reasons he has articulated in his submission.