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Getting anywhere near a wedge-tailed eagle without some very serious lens equipment is almost impossible. Goodness knows I have been trying for long enough.

The forces of nature were on my side for once. It was blowing so hard this very p…off female wasn’t leaving her chosen branch if she could help it.

I have an excellent Canon 28-300mm L series zoom lens which, right out at 300mm was just enough to get close enough for this shot.

But you could say I was ruffling a few feathers.

Female wedge-tailed eagles are much bigger than their male counterparts – perhaps because they look after the young – unlike emus.

Talking of serious equipment – her footware looks very formidable too.

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  • Katherine says:

    I just chanced upon your blog – this is amazing, I can feel the wind in her feathers. Gives me hope that I might be so lucky one day. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your persistence to capture this magnificent bird has finally paid off…….all I can say is WOW!!!!!