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There’s not a lot between William Creek and the next stop in whatever direction you might be travelling. Apart from being a stop off on the Oodnadatta Track its probably best known at the closest outpost to Lake Eyre.

Suprising then that a town with a couple of houses, an airstrip and a caravan park has a top pub.

It wasn’t always that way. A decade or so ago, it wasn’t all that flash but it was famous because you could land a light aircraft right outside the front the of the hotel.

That’s changed but the hosptality and the food is top notch. The beer’s cold too, and that’s important.

Mim Ward and her partner Bruce Ross have recently taken over the hotel. Mim is well known for her association with the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna. She was also an event organiser for the Tourist Commission and ran a pub in Victoria.

The William Creek pub hasn’t got a website yet so I can’t put a link across to the site, however the email address is [email protected]

The hotel has just been elevated into my list of top 10 outback pubs.

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  • Anonymous says:

    My Kinda pub too….thanks for sharing once again!!!!

  • Adrian Hill says:

    Great Pub, great history too when you find out how it was built from only materials that could be bought up via camel, hence why it is so low. Warning: watch your head!