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Looking like something out of the Scottish Highlands, the Flinders Ranges is now a great contrast to the flatlands of the Outback.

There’s a green that hasn’t been seen for 20 years and it’s transformed the hills and mountains.

School children from around here, born and raised in drought have never seen the land like this.

The stone fence that runs along the top of the ridges is a bit of a mystery. Nobody seems to remember why it was built but it runs for many kilometres.

Built in the 1850s, legend has it the fence was constructed by a man with just one arm, the other being a metal hook.

He and his two aboriginal women helpers earned a sovereign a mile for their efforts. Unimaginably tough work.

A sovereign in those days was worth quite a bit more than it modern day equivalent of around $2.50.

The Elder Range is on the left, Wilpena Pound in the background.

Whether its the ranges or the Outback, most likely there will be acres of wild flowers blooming this spring.

Camera, Canon 5D M II. Lens, Canon EF 28-300 f3.5-5.6L IS USM. f20 @ 1/100th sec ISO 200 hand held