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William Creek, closest piece of civilisation to Lake Eyre and despite its isolation has been about the busiest airport in South Australia these last few months.

The main strip can easily be seen running left to right in the picture. The racecourse in is the foreground and the Oodnadatta Track runs right through the town.

William Creek is entirely surrounded by Anna Creek station, the largest cattle station in the world.

Anna Creek is roughly 24,000 square kilometres and that’s a bit bigger than Israel and eight times bigger than the largest cattle station in the United States – King Ranch in Texas.

There a number of locations from which you can fly to the Lake. You’ll find the best of these in the ‘Links’ column on the right hand side of the page.

However it is worth considering going to William Creek to get a flight because getting there is a bit of an adventure in itself.

Plan a trip for next Autumn.