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To all the readers who drop in to this site from time to time, a peaceful and happy Christmas from the Sentimental Bloke.

Wherever you are in Australia and the many countries around the world, all the very best for the New Year.

The flower is called Rosy Dock, a native to Outback Australia

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  • wanderer says:

    Likewise SB, peace and happiness to you and thanks for all the vicarious pleasures you bring with your fantastic photos, next best thing.

  • Crado says:

    …..and the same to you 'Sentimental Bloke'.. may there be many more pics to 'snap.' Tx for a year of entertaining and educational blogging…………

  • Anonymous says:

    Love this photo.
    Best wishes for the New year to you too. I hope we see many more photos from you in 2011