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This year seemed to have flashed by in a blur and it will soon be gone.

Things are not likely to change in at least the first month of next year when pictures during January may be a bit intermittent for several reasons.

You can take your pick of one of the excuses below:

1. I’ve sold my house and moved out.

2 The builders are yet to finish the work on the new residence (homeless springs to mind)

3 There’s no internet connection at the new place yet.

4 I will be working at a location for a few weeks in January where there is no internet connection ( not good for bloggers)

5 On my last commission I got bitten by a spider. Christmas and beyond has been spent either hobbling around or with one foot stuck up in the air.

Any desire to take photos has been replaced with much grumbling about small crawly things and the pain they cause.

You may pick any one of the above, or a combination.

However that doesn’t stop me from wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous year ahead and a big dose of smiles and laughter thrown in for good measure.

The scene is Henley Beach Jetty in Adelaide. It was shot with a Canon 300D. Focal length 55mm @ 1/200 sec, ISO 200.

It’s not so much about the sunset but getting the exposure right for detail in the ocean and beneath the jetty.

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  • Anonymous says:

    this is an exceptional shot of the Henley jetty. I wals past it often and this is by far, the best photo i have seen of it.