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Here are some of the other images of both the action and the faces at the Australian Bronco Branding Championships on June 12 and 13.

The event was held in Marree in far north South Australia.

Marree is the beginning of both the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks, so it was ideal location for the event which lets station people compete in what is an every day part of running a cattle station.

And the winners were……..

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  • Eric Lofty Walton says:

    Reminds me of the days I worked at Tempe Downs in’49 the owner Tom Fenn, manager Joe ‘Obrien, also with Jack OO’Donnel built two cattle yards at Kings Creek, big enough to hold 2,00 head of cattle, with Bloodwood Posts and Desert Oak rails and 5 rails high with double swimg gates, and Bronco Panels, One at Kings Creek and other at Baggot springs. (Six weeks to build each yard), with assistance of Peter from Peterman Tribe, and Stanley station stckman. Ueed camels for tracing logs for Postsl Supplies from Station every two weeks, by pack camels.
    Now living in Vancouver Canada since ’73.

    • Sandi Crogan says:

      grew up at Tempe Downs for 20 years from early 60’s – we used these yards during that time. will seach for some photos

  • Eric Lofty Walton says:

    I would surely like to hear of anyone that has any photo’s of those yards at Kings Creek and Baggot Springs, when I worked at Tempe. As I am in the process of writing a book on my days in the NT and world travels.

  • Heather says:

    i was wondering what breeds of horses were used on Tempe Downs Station when you were there.
    With thanks Heather

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi Heather

      Thanks Heather for your query. I have never been to Tempe Station, which is in the Northern Territory so I cannot answer your question. I notice your comment came up on the photos from the Bronco Branding Championships at Maree where there a large number of horses of various breeds. Sorry I could not be of more help.