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Stoney Steiner and his lovely wife Gina run the Warraweena Conservation Park tucked away in the mountains of the northern Flinders Ranges near Beltana.

Rocky heights like this are plentiful for the energetic visitor with perhaps a glimpse of the elusive yellow-footed rock wallaby to be found there.

An approaching storm adds a little drama and the possibility of a soaking.

Income from visitors to Warraweena keep the conservation project going.


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  • Tania says:

    I have spent the morning looking at your beautiful photos on this blog. I came via ABC North and West face book page. I live so close but have seen so little, thank you for showing me.

    Hope you dont mind that I shared your site on my blog.

  • Leanne gilbert says:

    I have spent many nights camped in Warraweena with my children and late husband Craig. It is a special place and one day I hope to scatter Craigs ashes atop the highest point…