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There’s a tiding of magpies…an unkindness of ravens…a watch of nightingales but I don’t know what a bunch of Corellas on the wing would be called.

f 5.6 @ 1/800th sec. ISO 200 focal length 22 mm

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  • Dennis Ward says:

    Hi Pete,
    I’ve always just referred to these guys as a mob. It seems to be a common tag for all kinds of cockies, galahs and corellas out in the bush but the word is also used for sheep and cattle.
    Did CJ ever write about the birds? I’d happily defer to whatever he used as a collective noun for cockies.
    Cheers, Dennis.

  • Peter MacDonald says:

    I reckon you are right Dennis. I was having a bit of fun with the old English expressions for groups of birds. A mob sounds goo to me.
    I am not aware of CJ Dennis using a term for Galahs, Cockies or Corellas

  • Dean gale says:

    A core of Corellas!

    Cheers Dean