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Barrarina Gorge in the northern Flinders Ranges is one of those places created by untold amounts of rushing water over countless centuries.

The water has gradually cut a twisting ravine deep into a mountain to reveal the geological events on earth over many millions of years.

The height of the walls of Barrarina Gorge are impressive.

They too have a story to tell.

It’s hard to imagine this sheet of rock, pointing straight to the sky, was once the sea floor complete with all the ripples and swirls of sand you’d find on a shallow beach today.

Because the walls are so high, the winter sun does not light up the floor of Barrarina Gorge until late in the morning.

This is a bit of a handicap for taking good photos, but not impossible.

I had to abandon the tripod and there were a few apprehensive moments carrying an expensive camera and lens while teetering over a rock pool, but well worth the effort