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Or where do old trucks end up? The lorry spent its declining years in an Outback collection of old vehicles until some civic minded citizens decided it was an eyesore.

It was, I suppose, originally destined for spare parts but it seems not too many of it’s ilk are still running.

The town’s looking a lot better for the old girl’s departure but it had a certain charm even in dilapidation.

It’s now just a photographic memory.

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  • Dean gale says:

    Hi Peter,
    Is that Tommy Agnews place?
    I spent three years in the area and sometimes delivered his meals on wheels.
    Is Tommy still going and has all the area been cleared?


  • Peter MacDonald says:

    Yes Dean, it’s the Agnew Spread. The whole place has been cleared and Tom is, as far as I’m aware in an old folks home somewhere. I can’t be more specific than that.