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I was asked to find and shoot some pictures of an acacia that was unusual and had not been seen in the northern Flinders Ranges for many years.

The bush, thought to be acacia bechlerii (no common named, it seems) wasn’t hard to find. It had exceptionally large flower heads ( the golden balls associated with most acacias) and was growing on the highest parts of the mountain tops.

Clearly the good rains of a year or more have regenerated this species with its quite spectacular flower.

A terribly overcast day to take the shots, so on the last of these images I used a flash and diffuser with just enough power to light the flowers and the leaves without illuminating the surrounding rocks and grasses.

Top image f8 @ 1/250th sec ISO 400
Second Image f7.1 @ 1/50th sec ISO 200. Manual flash on about 1/8th power