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Sometimes an idea or a plan for a landscape photo gets ambushed by something more interesting.

A cattle trough had possibilities as the background in a shot but it turned out to be a far more entertaining venue.

While I was setting up a bunch of cockatoos blew in and started drinking, completely oblivious to me standing behind tripod and camera only a few metres away.

It seemed like a good idea to just stand and watch what happened. I wasn’t disappointed.

The cockies kept moving in as though they owned the place…pigeons, galahs and others having to wait for a lull in the activity.

Three emus turned up next. Their height and weight clearly indicating their status in the pecking order.

One of the emus towered over the others, who may have been his off-spring, but he was the most skittish.

It turned out he was so tall that he had to get down on his haunches to drink at the trough, something he was very nervous about, particularly as the new arrivals weren’t far away.

The sheep had no qualms about stepping right up for a drink as if it was for their exclusive use.

All in all an interesting hour…almost like standing in the bar at the pub except there wasn’t a beer for miles.