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Posting a photo yesterday was always going to be a problem – I was having too much fun.

I had the good fortune to spend part of the day chatting with and showing rock legend Leo Sayer around a small part of the Flinders Ranges.

I wanted to get a portrait of Leo, and the only opportunity came in the evening at the Nilpena Woolshed.

Having available light only in what is a fairly dark environment, I had given myself a bit of a challenge.

Leo, on a day off sightseeing, had been exploring the woolshed with his own camera so he was pretty cool about the photo idea.

I was using a Canon 50mm L series prime lens at f2.8 on my 5D MK II, ISO 1600 at 125th of a second.

Day off it might have been, but there was the inevitable jam session with fellow musicians Harry Hookey and John O’Day.

The setting was almost as black as the inside of a cow’s stomach so getting a good photo, again in available light, was difficult.

This is one of the few successful results shot at f4, 1/100th of a second at ISO 3200 – anything to get a reasonable shutter speed with a little depth of field.

Apart from being an internationally famous entertainer with his signature shock of hair, Leo is a charming bloke, witty, interesting to talk to and really laid back.

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  • Jim Roelofs says:

    I must admit I had the wrong impression of the Flinders ranges all these years. Always thought it was just about the rocks.

    You’ve now corrected my misconception somewhat by “exposing” a much vaster gamut of rocks than I was ever aware of, including stars of apparently equal vintage.

    Next time I’m up that way, I intend to look inside woolsheds as well as the rest of the mesmerising landscape.

    Wonderful high ISO shot of Mr Sayer, Peter.

  • ruggedtb says:

    Great pics of some ‘Old Scenery’, now if you could just master fossils hehe!