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The muted colours of a recent sunset on sand dunes near Mt Deception, seen here in the background.

Mt Deception is not far from the mining town on Leigh Creek and is a major landmark in the area.

Recent strong spring winds have created unspoilt ripples all over the dunes here on Nilpena station.

They are miniature versions of the sand dunes in much of the desert country of northern South Australia.

You can see images of a couple of these types of dunes here and here.

As I have mentioned before, the desert dunes were originally formed by long and powerful wind storms in the last ice age.

Shot at f22, 1/4 Sec ISO 200 on tripod.

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  • James Miller says:

    Is there any way to get a message to Peter MacDonald? Have always wanted a very small sample of the Australian red sand found out there in the desert. Have always wanted to go to Australia since was a teenager, and in my early 50’s. Does not seem like it will happen. So the next best idea was to acquire some red sand from over there.
    Of the people who I have contacted said it is too far to venture out into the desert as it is summertime over there.

    Only wanted a small amount to put in a container carried on a keychain and some for a necklace dangle. be the closest I could get to Australia.

    Have been searching for many years and not found anyone selling Australian red sand.

    Thank you.