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Wildlife isn’t something that I am either equipped for or patient enough to specialise in, but this magnificent creature did all the right things for me.

I took these images a couple of days after a workshop at Arkaroola last week.

I had been working the Arkaroola waterhole with two very keen and experienced photographers when one spotted the bird, which is quite outstanding for this part of the world….maybe a bit smaller than a wedge-tailed eagle.

It’s a White-necked Heron or Pacific Heron and I’m guessing it’s a little out of it’s normal habitat which is usually well established wetlands….not semi-arid country and fast drying waterholes.

Nevertheless it wasn’t keen to move from the pools in the Arkaroola Creek which is probably why I was able to see it some time after the first sighting.

It also gave me enough time to set my focus to A1 Servo for moving objects and check the exposure.

All were taken at f5.6, ISO 200 and focal length 300 mm. The shutter speed ranges from 1/1600th sec to 1/3200 sec.

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  • Rick Moore says:

    Hi Peter,
    It is an immature pacific heron. The give away to its age is the herringbone/tractor tyre ribbing on the neck. These birds have been very common n the Warburton, Kallakoopah and Cooper Creek waterways in the last 18 months, and have been breeding there.
    The pacific heron is also known as the Australian heron, Ardea pacifica. It is widely distributed over the continent. It is easy to pick due to the white spots on the leading edges of the wings

  • Peter MacDonald says:

    Thanks for the details Rick. I suspected the waters around the Coongie lake system might have been the main attraction but could not have been sure.