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This is an interesting rock formation or should I say a ridge of hills.

It is an exposed section of ancient seabed where sedimentary layers from eroding mountains have laid down layers of silt that have turned to rock.

The layers can bee seen quite clearly and it’s a common occurrence in the Flinders Ranges.

This ridge is on the edge of the Wilochra Plain, south of Hawker and it’s near the ruins of an old town called Simmonston.

Shot at f8. 1/200th sec, ISO 100

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  • Rick says:

    Looks like a feature known as the Dyke. The Dyke was a landmark early travelers used on their way north. Sometimes they camped there having come from Adelaide via boat to Pt Augusta; thence to Mt Arden & on northwards to Kanyaka, Hookina & so on.

  • Peter MacDonald says:

    Thanks for the extra information Rick. It is easy to forget in these days of fast cars and bitumen roads that early travellers had a much harder time of it and landmarks like these were important staging points.