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The dingo is a fine looking animal, unique to our continent and it roams freely around the Outback.

It’s features distinguish it from other dogs. It yelps or howls but doesn’t bark. Dingoes are usually cream to reddish brown in colour like this one. Their ears are always erect.

Together with feral domestic dogs they have long been a real menace to the sheep industry which loses large numbers of animals to dog attacks.

These days there’s probably more domestic dogs that turn wild, or domestic dogs that have interbred with the dingo causing the problems for pastoralists and that requires widespread baiting programs.

The cattle industry, on the other hand is not affected by the dingo which generally lives on kangaroos, rabbits and other small animals and reptiles.

Dingos are thought to have been introduced into Australia thousands of year ago and are related to dogs of South East Asia.

This was shot on a long zoom (300mm) at f8, 1/1250 sec, ISO 200. I haven’t cropped this photography mainly to put the dingo in the country it normally roams.