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I ran a few photographs of the results of heavy rains that recently fell in the Flinders Ranges and Outback of South Australia.

It’s becoming evident that rains we have had this year will equal or exceed those that fell in the last really big wet this region had…and that was way back in 1974.

The rain is of course transforming the land in many ways.

That vast inland water system that is the Lake Eyre basin, Goyder Lagoon and the Coongie Lakes will fill again. …for the third year in a row.

Lake Eyre has water again over much of its surface and is continuing to fill.

Huge amounts of water are heading from the north into this region.

I am heading into that area again on assignment for the R M Williams Outback magazine.

Because of the remoteness of the area were I will be working, there will not be any photographs posted here until that assignment is completed.

Hopefully there will be some images of Outback Australia that aren’t going to the magazine, that I can use on “The Sentimental Bloke” when I return.

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