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The photograph is of Stubbs Waterhole along the Arkaroola Creek…..something I’ve photographed quite often but never satisfactorily.

The problem is the waterhole is small compared to the towering rock face is sits beneath.

Then of course there’s the position of the sun which is often putting flare all over the lens or its overhead, and washing out all the colours.

It was bit of a climb but worth the the effort. The cliff face turned out to be quite dramatic in the afternoon sun…..a sort of grotesque skull, if you have an overactive imagination like me.


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  • carmel Nicholson says:

    Hi Peter,
    it is so uncanny the way it really does look like a skull.
    I love checking out your photos.
    Look forward to seeing the Lake eyre ones.
    Enjoy your trip.

  • Great shot! The climb was worth it, fair dinkum.

  • Most amazing.
    I have not seen water in that road-crossing at the creek for a long time.
    Thanks for the shot.