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The roots of this river red gum just exude a sort of silent strength.

They need to.

On the infrequent occasions the creek turns to a raging torrent it is those roots that save the tree from being washed away.

It has obviously weathered a few floods that have exposed the roots and washed away the surrounding rocks and gravel.

Hopefully the picture above illustrates this small story.

The creek is situated a few kilometres south of Mt Chambers Gorge in the Flinders Ranges.

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  • Anne says:

    The River Red Gums are beautiful trees and have so much character!

    Hi Peter, it was me who approached you at Stubbs Waterhole, Arkaroola. Hope you didn’t mind! I hoped it might be nice to be recognised for your work 🙂 I was pleased that we were able to call at the Prairie Hotel and see your exhibition on our way to Wilpena. I loved all your pictures. The Lake Eyre shots were very interesting and beautiful. From the distance they looked like abstract art; it wasn’t until I got close that I could see I was looking at a photo with amazing detail. I also loved your Nilpena Station series and bought a pack of cards. Unfortunately I have nowhere to hang a large picture 🙁 Anyway, was special to meet you and see your exhibition after following your blog for a while. We did not plan to go to Arkaroola when we left home so unfortunately did not have much time there. What we did see was very beautiful. Now that I’ve travelled in the regions you photograph, I appreciate your pictures even more. They make me want to return! Hope I will have the chance one day 🙂


  • Peter MacDonald says:

    Hello Anne,
    It is always nice to meet someone who follows the Sentimental Bloke and I am happy to hear your trip to the Flinders Ranges turned out to be memorable. It is also nice to hear that someone has appreciated and taken pleasure from my photos of the area. Come again soon.