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Sea Lion

Where I come from all animals, kangaroos, euros, wallabies, emus, birds, they all run away when you come near. Even sheep and cows.

So it was a bit unusual to find this rather large sea lion sizing me up as I walked around the sand dunes of the previous post.

It took me a while to become aware that it was right there…not charging back into the sea or disappearing up the beach.

Sea Lion 2

Unaccustomed as I am to these sorts of encounters, we had a good 10 minutes while it posed for me. He/She was pretty relaxed about the whole thing …so relaxed that eventually with a couple of very large and long yawns the photo session was over.

And with that it lay down, rolled over on its back a couple of times to cover himself in sand and went to sleep.

Sea Lion 3

Pretty soon I became bored with the lack of action and went for a walk up the beach in search of perhaps a more lively sea lion.

I returned about 40 minutes later and took this shot.

I did suggest it open its eyes for the photography so that people wouldn’t think it was dead, but a slightly raised eyelid was all I got. So much for wild life photography on the Eyre Peninsula.