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Great Wall
copyright 2013


This amazing rock formation is a landmark in the Flinders Ranges easily seen on the Wilpena-Blinman road that runs right through the centre of the ranges.

It’s estimated this sedimentary rock formation is about 350 million years old.

It certainly has that feel about it.

The heigh of these rocks is probably best illustrated in the previous post.

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  • David Hume says:

    Hi Peter – I saw your Lake Eyre work at Atkins and really liked it. Will try to make it to your talk – apologies if I don’t. I made a series of abstract paintings of lake Eyre from the air in 2010-11, so your photos were particularly interesting to me – here’s a link:
    All the best

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi David, thanks for the kind words and I hope you can make it to Akins on Friday afternoon. I have had a look at your Lake Eyre work and clearly you were thinking along the same lines. Even though the water has gone from the Lake there’s still a lot of interesting material to be had there.
      I am leaving Monday for another look.