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Pug & Pine

Pug and Pine was a common technique for building houses and huts when the first settlers arrived in the Flinders Ranges.

The trunks of Calitiris pines are cut for the uprights and the gaps filled with wet earth and other materials to form a solid wall.

The pines were in plentiful supply years ago and were used for everything from housing to fences and mining.

This hut is on Gum Creek station.

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  • Horst says:

    Hi Peter,
    I very much like the light and mood of this photograph.

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi Horst, I was very lucky to get the interesting light for this shot. it was mostly because of the storm clouds that were filtering the sun’s ray.
      I am in your part of the world at the moment – well almost. Down south in Italy. I will have some photos coming soon.

      • Horst says:

        Hi Peter,
        any chance of crossing the Alps? – Would be nice catching up. – AND: isn’t Matera in WA rather than Italy?

        • Peter MacDonald says:

          Hi Horst, I would have contacted you if I was coming close to to your area but I was locked into an itinerary that had been planned for some time.
          I am heading home to wintry Adelaide tomorrow. Maybe next time.
          I am not aware of a Matera in WA. I will have to look it up
          Cheer Peter