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Ridges - Arkaroola

In looking through some of the photos I have taken over the last 6 months or so, often there’s a common theme.

Without a doubt there’s plenty of ridges throughout the hills and mountains of the ranges but the contrast between them can often be quite pronounced.

Lets start with the powerful, rugged volcanic and granite country of the northern Flinders Ranges.

No prizes for guessing where this is. Arkaroola, in the Sillers lookout area with the Freeling heights in the background.

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  • Diana says:

    terrific depth of scale

  • George Sobolewski says:

    Do you permit reproduction of your pix (in a club magazine with a circulation of 400) and if so under what conditions, fees?

    George Sobolewski
    SSAA-Hunting and Conservation Branch inc.

  • Robert Rath says:

    Hi Peter,

    It was great to meet you and see your recent work at Atkins last month. Beautiful work indeed!
    Thank you for taking the time to write/blog about your work. I think it is a very valuable contribution even if you are never really sure who your audience actually is. Others will always find the value you create.
    I have subscribed and look forward to more posts.

    Robert Rath

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi Robert

      It is always appreciated when someone makes a comment on my website. I only know of a few of the regular followers.
      I am glad that you enjoyed the Atkins talk. I was surprised at how many turned up for it.
      I hope you continue to enjoy the pictures here.