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Paris  scene

I found this an amusing scene.

All the Greek Gods or perhaps the architects of the French Revolution looking down from the parapets of the Louvre in Paris on a woman taking a bath in a truck.

Yep. Times have changed.

If I had waited another second I might have got the driver in a slightly better position. Damn!!

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  • Jillian Crick says:

    I am curious to know whether this woman in the bathtub was real or was one of those cleverly painted trucks of which I have seen examples on the internet, and they look so realistic?
    Loving your photos from Matera etc.

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi Jillian. Theres more work from Matera still to come. I hope you will like the rest. The painted side of the Paris courier van was very well done. A real eye catcher.

  • Diana says:

    is this for real or a painted wagon