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Fashion Police

Where else but Milan in Italy with Prada, Armani, Cartier and a host of other famous fashion houses all around.

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  • Paul Rogers says:

    I have been enjoying your photographs from your overseas jaunt. Are you using the Fuji x100s for these shots – or a combination of cameras?

    Heading up to Alpana Station in 3 weeks – fairly green up that way at the moment I believe.

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hello Paul. I am glad you are enjoying the pictures. There are a few more to come. All of the o/s pictures will have been taken with the Fuji X-Pro and a 50mm lens or the X100s with its 35mm lens equivalent. It was really fun using these two small cameras and I was surprised how I could get two prime lens to work in almost every case.
      I am still not home yet but I have heard things are pretty green in the Flinders at the moment. Enjoy the trip.