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Matera Streets 1

It is very obvious the lovely southern Italian town of Matera has been around for a long time…many centuries in fact.

Exploring the streets of Matera was fascinating to say the least.

Matera Streets 2

From the pictures I have posted earlier which showed the structure of the town, it is a maze or a labyrinth and this is even more evident when walking along the streets or climbing the stairs.

The streets are narrow but there are spacious apartments cut into the rock behind the large solid doors that face the streets.

Matera Streets 3

The street lamps provide yet another aspect that seems to enhance the cobble stone walkways and the archittecture. Around every bend and corner another scene unfolds.

Maerta Streets 4

Because of the way Matera is set out, outdoor space is at a premium and therefore gardens are mostly created by pots filled with colourful flowers, shrubs and the occasional small tree.

Matera Streets 6

Similarly, because of the space limitations the creative approach to daily chores like drying the washing is like nothing you will see Down Under. This just adds to the colour that contrasts the stone and rock from which Matera is constructed.

Matera Streets 5

The other thing about Matera is that there can’t be a soul there who isn’t as fit as a Mallee bull. You would have to be to get up and down what seems to be never-ending sets of stairs.

This post has got to be good value for money. Particularly when I am trying to pad out the pictures I took in Italy and France while I recover from the back surgery I had over a month ago.

The op’ is probably going to stop me from taking many pictures in the Flinders Ranges or Outback for another month or so.

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  • Denise Pastor says:

    Fantastic pictures of Matera. Thank you. Rest well and get better soon!

  • Paula Byers says:

    Beautiful photos Peter. The walled city of Dubrovnik is equally intriguing. Take a trip to Turkey for amazing history and incomparable scenery when you can.