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Peter_MacDonald_Photography_Notre Dame_Paris

Sunday seems like an appropriate day to post this photo of one of the world’s most famous and largest churches.

There are literally millions of pictures taken each year of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and I am not even going to begin to try to illustrate this amazing structure.

Rather this is about the only shot I took while in Paris or Italy using the 14mm wide angle lens for the Fuji X-Pro camera that I took along for the visit.

Despite all the religious grandeur of Notre Dame I could not get over the fact construction of this enormous building began in the 11th Century.

The ceiling is around 200 feet high and any other lens would have been very limiting considering the vasty interior of Notre Dame.

This is the main alter area of the church but what you can’t see is the large number of people walking behind the altar area where there are other smaller chapels. Looking back in the opposite direction and to left and right is equally awesome.

As you can see here, the quality of the image is no less crisp and sharp than any of the other Fuji lens I use. The rendition of colour and the performance in low light is exceptional.

The shot is hand held at 1/30th of a second, Aperture 2.8. ISO 2,500

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  • Bob McLean says:

    Hi Pete, I went there one Sunday to visit and had to queue with thousands of people quietly, as they were in mass but the experience was awesome You are correct about the building.

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi Bob, I am not terribly religious as I am sure you will remember but the cathedral certainly makes an impression on you. The queues were no different the day I went there. Despite its immense size it took a bit of effort to get a shot with no one in it. It would be wonderful to spend some time there without the thousands of visitors.