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Outback Station

Pre-dawn,  the calm before the start of another  busy day on Commonwealth Hill sheep station, Great Victoria Desert, far western South Australia.

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  • I love this, reminds me of my station time and the quiet of the early morning before the busyness of life has started.

  • John Platt says:

    Wonderful photo, what settings are required to get an image such as this?

  • John Platt says:

    What settings are required to achieve an image such as this?

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Hi John. The actual settings for this were f5.6, shutter speed 12/8 sec. ISO 500. However it was done in a hurry, not preplanned . The light was changing fast.
      The first consideration – the camera was on a tripod. It was in Aperture priority mode, an exposure reading was taken from the sky at the top of the picture which dictated the shutter speed. This put the buildings into silhouette. It was taken with a shutter release cable or 2 second timer within the camera – I can’t remember which. The figures for this picture are not something you would dial in to get every shot like this on all occasions. Hope this helps. Peter