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View from Moolooloo 2

Fuji X-T1, 55-200mm lens fully extended f 16, 1/15 sec ISO 400. ©Copyright 2014 Peter MacDonald Photography. All Rights Reserved.

From a vantage point high on a slope on Moolooloo Station near Blinman in the central Flinders.

Three days at the same spot, waiting, waiting…freezing cold and a bitter wind. You’ve got to be nuts.

Despite the discomfort and the conditions, the Fuji X series cameras and lens have now been through a scorching, dusty  summer and this cold and wet  winter with flying colours.

I am confident that this image and the earlier landscapes taken with either the X100s, true X-Pro  or the X=T1, the three prime lens and the 55-200mm zoom are all capable of turning out high quality images which in turn means large, high quality prints.

For a bloke with a crook back, the size and weight is the icing on the cake.


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