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There’s a resurgence of interest worldwide in black and white photography…a medium that has fallen  from favour in the digital age.

Taking the colour out of an image and using the contrast available can sometimes make a much more power photograph.

This is the first of a three part black and white series of images …… three lads connected by the  photograph that’s on the  camera’s screen.

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  • Wendy Philip says:

    That’s a great shot.

  • Tony Veinberg says:


    I remember reading that you have moved to Fuji gear. Are you able to tell me a little about your equipment. I’m, of course, interested as I have been planning to move to mirror-less in the future. What Fuji bodies and lenses do you have and what do you use? I would also be interested in your thoughts about mirror-less? Is it mature enough? Is the quality and resolution there?