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Frome Tracks

©Copyright Peter MacDonald 2015. All Rights Reserved.

The memory of a scary night caught on Lake Eyre, not that long ago makes me very wary of driving or even walking on salt lakes.

The surface is treacherous. Underneath is thick, deep black mud, about the constituency of treacle. Not something to get caught in as I did.

Of course the salt eventually eats away at everything.

Lake Eyre is only  a few hundred kilometres north of Lake Frome and the conditions are no different.

Here I am safe, not too far out on the lake and on foot as the sun starts to climb above the horizon.

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  • Dom O' Donnell says:

    Nice one. I’ve looked at Lake Frome from afar, Arkaroola, & flown over it, with Doug, so I very much enjoy this view. Ta Peter